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Be part of our innovative research community and let your Android phone work for you!


Install Happi

Download Happi from the Google Play Store. Register for a free account by entering your details on your primary mobile device. 


Determine your eligibility

Click ‘Take Survey‘ and complete a 5 to 8 minute questionnaire about yourself and your mobile device.


Join the HappiRewards study!

Click on the red ‘HappiRewards Inactive’ button on the home screen of the app.   To join you must accept both location and accessibility permissions. Next click ‘Start’. 


Use your device

To get 500 Smile points a week, keep HappiRewards active and use your mobile device daily for browsing multiple websites and using multiple apps.

• You can stop answering survey questions at any time and /or your participation in Happi Rewards metering at any time


Earn 500 Smile points each week

Use Smile points to choose from a catalog of over 100+ e-gift cards!

E-gift cards are sent to your email address swiftly and fuss free


To join the HappiRewards study you should install the Happi app, register for a free account and answer 5 minutes of questions to find out if you are eligible for the study. If you receive a survey invitation to join the study please confirm you have read and understood the privacy policy and click on the red ‘HappiRewards INACTIVE’ button located on the home screen.  If you want to join the study please accept location and accessibility permissions.

Yes. We never share your Personally Identifiable Information outside our support team. The data we provide clients is anonymized and aggregated so no one can identify you personally. You can opt-out at any time and ask for your data to be removed from our database. You can also request to see the data we collect about you at any time. Finally, the data we collect from our Members is only useful from a market research perspective. We don’t collect any credit or debit card information, so hackers would be more likely to try to steal data from more valuable databases. We protect our database with industry-leading security and a very small number of people have direct access to it

We collect three types of data: registration, mobile activity, and survey responses. The registration information is what Members type in when they register. This includes name, age. gender, residence location, mobile number and email address (if available).  Mobile activity information is automatically collected from your phone after you give permission. This includes the websites you visit, the apps you use, the social media you read, the videos you watch, and the shopping you do on your phone. We do not read message content on messaging apps. We can see that you use WhatsApp or FB Messenger, but we do not collect the message content data. If there are specific apps you do not want us to monitor, you can tell us at support@happi.sg and we will turn off monitoring for those apps. However, if you request us to block too many apps, there may be fewer rewards. Survey responses can be basic profiling questions about your education, occupation, diet, media consumption, etc, or they can be questions we ask after you did something on your phone. For example, if you look at a shirt on H&M app, but don’t buy it, we may send you a question to ask why.

Yes! We want to enable consumers to participate in the monetization of the data that other apps try to steal from you. We give our Members points, which we call Smiles, for every survey answer they give. Even if we don’t have questions for you to answer, we give Smiles for every week you keep Happi installed with HappiRewards actively monitoring. You can use those Smiles to get the rewards we offer in each country.

Before you create a Happi account you should agree to provide accurate registration information, read questions carefully, respond to questions truthfully and agree to create just one acccount per device and person. Happi may terminate your account and forfeit your rewards if you violate these rules.

Yes! Please do! We will give you and your friend Smiles when you refer new users. BUT, please understand that we can’t accept everyone all the time. We need to keep a balance of age, gender, and locations of our Members to keep the value of the data high. When we need new Members, we will announce the age, gender, location, and any other information about the people we need to recruit. You can refer them by typing in their mobile number. After that person completes 20 questions, we will give both you and the person you recruit more Smiles!

Yes. Please remember that we must do everything we can to protect the value of the data we collect. So, anytime we see anyone do anything that damages that value, we must protect all Members by removing that person. We are constantly checking for people who create multiple user accounts, give false registration information, or give dishonest or thoughtless answers to survey questions. When we see those things, we first warn the person with demerits. If they continue, we remove them from the app so that their responses cannot damage our data.

No. Happi is based in Singapore, a country famous for its strict rules and enforcement. We operate in compliance with the privacy laws of Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Policy, Europe’s GDPR, and all relevant privacy regulations in the United States.

If you need to change your name, email. mobile number or date of birth please contact us on support@happi.sg

You can redeem your earned Smiles for any e-gift card that is available on Happi. We have over 100+ branded e-gift cards to select from, Amazon.com and adidas to Walmart and Uber, there is a card to suit all tastes!

Please click on the ‘Quit Monitoring’ button. You will no longer receive 500 Smiles weekly. If you would like to continue taking surveys please keep the app installed.

Click ‘Allow accessibility’ on the HappiRewards welcome screen, scroll to find the Happi app and click enable.

USA members only

If you have any problems or questions, please contact customer service at 1-877-55-TANGO (82646) or cs@tangocard.com

Last Updated: August 7, 2020